Welcome to the MOMS Club® of Manalapan

We are a chapter of the International MOMS Club® - a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization that helps moms at every stage of motherhood. MOMS is an acronym for Moms Offering Moms Support. At-home or work-from-home mothers of any age children are welcome.

Founded in 2004, the MOMS Club® of Manalapan includes member moms of varying ages with children from newborns on up. We know we still need support as our children grow. You don’t have to leave the group when your children enter school. Our members have teenagers too!

We’re a friendly network of moms who meet regularly with their kids in the form of weekly playgroups, monthly Moms’ Night Out, coffee dates, holiday parties, park picnics, Couples’ Night Out and more. We communicate primarily through an online group which is a great forum for networking, asking and answering questions about parenting, our neighborhood, and pretty much anything else!

If you are an area Mom and are looking to connect with other Moms, come to one of our next meetings. Complete the contact form to find out when and where we’ll be or learn how to join the club.


The MOMS Club® of Manalapan is a group of women that coordinate play dates and activities to fill our days with a little less stress and a little more fun! We usually meet during the day, when at-home mothers most need support.

All members are invited to participate in one or all of the activities that are hosted by the club. Each activity will meet at different intervals, some weekly while others may be monthly. The club posts a calendar each month with a listing and description of all of the upcoming activities.

If you have an interest or hobby that is not listed, we encourage you to start a new group. Send us your suggestions!

All Ages Playgroup

All Ages Playgroup


The all ages playgroup is open to all children. Meet at a park or a member's home. The playgroup is great for moms to connect with members outside of their age specific playgroup. A great opportunity to meet new friends.

Book Club

Book Club


Did you read the latest noteworthy book and want to discuss it with others? Then the Book Club is perfect for you. Meet with other moms monthly to discuss. A schedule for this year is set, just ask for a list.

Field Trips

Field Trips


Looking to go to the aquarium or zoo but don’t want to go alone? The field trips provide an opportunity for moms to meet at fun and new outings with the company of fellow moms and children.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands


An opportunity to help a fellow mom following the birth of a new child, surgery, illness or any event that may require additional assistance. Helping hands may include bringing a cooked meal or running an errand and is voluntary.


JUMP (Just Us Moms Playing)


A playgroup for moms, who have school-aged children, that want to meet with friends and stay connected while their kids are in school. Also gain support and discuss issues that are unique to children of school age.

Moms Night

Moms' Night Out / Moms' Night In


Once a month, the moms get together to relax, share a drink, share a laugh and have a great time. We rotate our events monthly. Moms' Night In is held at a member’s house and Moms' Night Out is a local venue or event space.

Couples Night

Couples' Night Out


Every other month, the Moms and their husbands get together. Share a laugh and have a great time. Past events have included movies, dinner and drinks, game nights and more.


Playgroups (Age Specific)


Playgroups are a unique opportunity for moms to get similar aged children together to play. Discuss age specific issues, gain support and grow friendships, all while the children play. Playgroups are typically organized by birth year. Frequency and location vary by group.


Membership is open to any mother in the 07726 zip code. If you live outside this area, please visit www.momsclub.org to see if there is a MOMS Club closer to you. There is a $25.00 annual membership fee, but this can be waived in certain circumstances due to financial hardship.

Potential members can attend two public events prior to becoming a member. Please contact us to inquire about our calendar and membership! Whether you are pregnant, have a newborn or school aged children, we offer something for everyone.

As a member, you will receive a contact list of all of the club members and a personal profile to access our online calendar of activities and Facebook group. Looking for a new pediatrician, have a question about your toddler’s behavior or simply looking for a good area restaurant? Send an email to the group and our members will offer any advice or support you need.

The calendar changes on a monthly basis and includes activities like playgroups, field trips, crafts, Book Club, Moms’ Night Out, Couples’ Night Out, and many more. You are not obligated to attend any or all of the activities. However, the more activities you participate in, the more fun you and your children will enjoy.

Not sure if the club is right for you? Come to one of our upcoming meetings.

Complete the contact form to get started today.

How else can I participate?

Our chapter is lead by an Executive Board, which includes a President, Administrative Vice President, Membership Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Positions are held from (July-June) and are chosen by membership wide voting yearly at our June meeting. All members are welcomed and encouraged to run for board member positions even if you are a new member. Sometimes the best way to get involved is to run for a board or committee position. It is vital to the growth of the club. We are a member-driven organization, so without the participation of the members, the club cannot exist. Our Executive Board meets on a monthly basis (at the Board Meeting which is held thirty minutes before the General Meeting) to address club business and discuss plans for the future activities and parties, etc. Outside of the thirty minute monthly meeting depending on the role, you may spend an additional five minutes to one hour on club responsibilities per month. Don’t be intimidated, it is not a lot of time or work!

We also have many different committees made up of club members. Some committees that exist in our club are: Moms' Night Out, Couples' Night Out, Sunshine Mom, Helping Hands, Book Club, JUMP (Just us Mothers Playing).

One important thing to remember about the club is that it is completely member-driven. No one is paid to run the club. So, the more participation we get from our members the more exciting the club is for members. We welcome all suggestions and ideas for activities, community service, fund raisers, etc. Contact us today to learn more about joining the Board or Committee.


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If you have a question about the club or you are interested in joining, please complete the form and a member will respond to your inquiry.

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